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Exploring the Endless Possibilities of Smok Nord X Pod Kits

Smok continues to push the boundaries in their quest to lead the way in Pod Kits manufacturing. The latest addition to their Nord series is a remarkable innovation. Let’s dive into the world of limitless possibilities with the Smok Nord X Pod Kits system.

The Main Body

The Nord X has dimensions of 100x31x23mm, making it compact and pocket friendly. It’s slightly wider than previous Nords, but it’s also more ruggedly constructed.

It features a robust zinc-alloy frame accented by a rubber strip that wraps around the sides and bottom of the device, along with tastefully designed front and back panels.

The device has a slot for the POD at the top, with two pins in a rubber inset that connect to the POD. Airflow slits are present on the side to direct air.

You’ll find a decently sized power/fire button on the front with a central light. It’s large enough to be noticeable yet compact and sturdy enough to prevent accidental firing in your pocket.

An OLED display sits on one side, similar in size to the Nord 2. It’s a straightforward black and white display that efficiently shows all the necessary information.

Beneath the display, there are two additional buttons for adjusting Wattage up and down. These buttons are a welcome addition to the Nord lineup, eliminating the need for complicated button combinations to adjust the wattage. You can now easily modify it using these buttons.

A USB-Type-C charging port is located at the bottom, covered by a rubber plug. This port’s watertightness demonstrates Smok’s commitment to IP67 standards, even though sealing the plug tightly can be a bit challenging.

The Pod

As always, Smok is generous in providing two different PODs in the package: one for the standard RPM coils and one for their new RPM2 range. This flexibility allows you to continue using your preferred or existing coils.

The PODs have a simple design with magnetic attachment, frosted clear pods featuring a clear e-liquid viewport, and a black duck-bill mouthpiece. Coils are inserted from the bottom, and there’s a silicone fill plug and port on the side.


The kit includes two distinct coils to match the two PODs.

  • 0.16ohm RPM 2 Meshed coil: This powerful coil is designed for the RPM2 POD. It offers impressive flavor and vapor production at higher wattages. The airflow is unrestricted, delivering a satisfying experience that might consume e-liquid quickly.
  • 0.4ohm RPM Mesh coil: This coil is for the standard RPM POD. With a recommended wattage of 25 Watts, it delivers decent flavor. While not as powerful as the RPM2’s 0.15 ohm coil, it conserves both e-liquid and battery.


The airflow comes from two sizable slots on either side of the device, allowing air to flow beneath the POD coil when installed. The airflow is fixed, catering primarily to direct-to-lung vaping. While you can purchase specific MTL RPM coils for a slightly tighter draw, even those won’t provide a true mouth-to-lung experience.


The Nord X features a built-in 1500mAh battery, much like the Nord 2. It’s equipped with a USB Type-C charging port, allowing for a 1.2Amp charge rate and a charging time of approximately 75 minutes from empty to full. The charge screens on newer Smok models are user-friendly, displaying the time remaining for a full charge.

Where to Buy

The Smoktech Nord X kit is available for purchase at the Smoke shop Ventura. It’s priced around $64.99 USD, making it a compelling deal compared to similar devices on the market.

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