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Broke Dick”s E-Liquid Prepaid (120ml) Review

Enjoy fresh blueberries, strawberries, raspberries wrapped in a luscious watermelon for a tropical kick   Perfect to enjoy with your morning cup of coffee.Fresh fluffy fruit flavor with hidden complexity with Broke Dick natural berry as a highlight; definitely another Broke Dick signature! This is a Fruit flavor, with slightly malted tones and not overly sweet or overpowering overall. Please do not expect a syrup type flavor; this is a delicate yet well balanced creation based on a fresh berry extract and other complementing flavors.

Pack Contains

  • Plastic 120ml bottle filled with Cash Advance E-liquid
  • Child-proof and tamper-evident bottle with leak-free filling tip
  • PG/VG eliquid blend with premium Prepaid flavourings
  • Pharmaceutical grade nicotine (strength to order)
  • Can be used with all types of refillable electronic cigarette or personal vaping devices (PVD)
  • Nicotine Guidance
    0% Just for enjoyment. Zero nicotine
    0.3% For dripping or very light smokers
    0.6% Smokers of 10 light strength cigarettes a day
  • Blend Guidance
    30% PG Increased throat hit with slightly less vapour
    70% VG Increased vapour with slightly less throat hit

* These are provided as a guide only

Review of Broke Dick”s Prepaid (120ml) Review

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